River Ridge HS Students Use Real Voting Systems for Elections

Students, from left to right, Nichole Kilburn, Isabella Paiva, Delaney Parker, Kendall Martin, Lindsay McCranie and Samantha Tamariz, hold the yellow voting cards they’ll use to vote electronically. Credit: Cherokee County School District

River Ridge High School students voted for student elections using real electronic voting systems thanks to a hands-on lesson supported by the Cherokee County Board of Elections and Registration.

Teacher Joy Clarkston worked with Anne Dover and Jim Fleisher from the Board of Elections so students could vote for Student Advisory Board and Homecoming Court during their lunches using the same machines they one day soon will use to vote for local, state and national government elections.

Student Gaby Jones checks in with volunteers Alex Blankinship and Billie O’Bryant before heading to the polls. Credit: Cherokee County School District

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